Step into conscious branding 

1:1 Brand Coaching sessions to expand and align your own Brand awareness.

My aim is to empower you to develop your own unique vision and project, manifest it and bring it out into the world. Together we’ll give a shape to your idea.

In these sessions you’ll be working directly with me and we’ll be working through various pre-design stages like naming, brand integrity, heart aligned congruence, online and social media presence, design fundamentals, web fundamentals, how to approach design studios or photographers and how to weave all of them together

This is for you if:

You are starting a new project, a new career path and you need some guidance as to how you can present yourself or your project to the world.

You have a clear idea of what you want, but aren’t quite sure as to how to take the next steps in the visual and graphics field.

You just want to fine tune your existing professional identity. Maybe you feel it’s time to do a check-in and receive some feedback?

You just want to understand how this whole “design business” works to then feel empowered to move forward on your own to consciously seek what you need.

How will we be working together?

  • Discovery call

  • 0€
  • 60 mins Skype or Zoom video chat.
  • This is the first step to get to know each other. Let's connect to get a sense of where you are, what you feel you need and together we decide which would be the right Brandweaving path for you.
  • Book a call!

What are the Brandweaving path options?

After our discovery call we will begin with one of the Brandweaving path options in which we’ll be having weekly 60 minutes Zoom or Skype video chat meetings.


In between our sessions set aside some personal time to work with the worksheets provided, this is precious time for you to do some research, answer soul-digging questions and prepare for our next session. To make the best of our time together it is vital that you commit to the work in between, this is the soil, the fertile ground upon which we will work together and from where you will start to feel empowered to make your own choices, have a clearer vision of what you want, what you offer and how you want to offer it.


We’ll be working with one of these options:

  • Empowerment session

  • // 1 week journey
  • // 90 mins + 40 mins Skype or Zoom 1:1 sessions
  • // Direct email support
  • Deep alignment

  • // 12 week intensive
  • // 90 mins 1:1 sessions
  • // Exclusive resources
  • // Logo, moodbaord and naming

For detailed information and purchasing the Embodied Brand Coaching sessions, go to my personal website.

These weekly calls do not include actual graphic design work on my part, this is a time of exploration and deep preparation for you to then venture into the design stage with a focused intention, heart centered concept and clear path ahead. Design work could be offered separately from our coaching time if needed and it is not binding.


If you choose the deep alignment sessions a beautiful moodboard will be prepared together which is a powerful, simple and clear tool to use with your future design enquiries.


Sessions can be offered in English, Italian or Spanish.

What can you expect after working together?

Clarity, focus and a deeper understanding of yourself, what you want to offer and how to communicate it to your audience.


For your idea to have a big impact in this oversaturated market, one of the most important aspects of communication is to be congruent, and this means being congruent within yourself, congruent and in alignment with what you offer and congruent in your communication (visual and otherwise).

We will be working with all of these three circles, like ripples expanding from your core vision into the immediate surroundings and out into the world wide web.


This is the core of what heart-centered branding means and I can help you get there feeling empowered and ready to navigate these waters, with simple guided steps, cheering you on and holding space for you to flourish into what you were meant to be and offer.

“Camille is a fantastic listener, she guided me with her questions to aspects I hadn’t thought of yet. Professional, empathetic, responsible and sensitive for the silent messages or unspoken questions – that is the way I experienced her in our sessions. I felt seen and confirmed. To show up and to be seen the way I really am in my profession, is a delicate matter and it needs a really good guide and visual translator that is able to combine professional knowledge with empathy and creativity. Camille is really good in all of these aspects and I heartily recommend her for this special moment of creating or reshaping our own brand.”  ~Martina

“I particularly appreciated your coaching skills, the perfect balance between active listening, asking questions, and the integration of the emotional and physical intelligence in the field of our sharing. I found your questions very on the spot, and it really made me explore my identity and what I wanted to show about my brand from the core of my being, not from a marketing perspective but from a soul’s calling perspective. And it was deeply meaningful, emotional, and precious to work from that space. it has opened up a creative space in me to stem from as I play with the name and the presentation of my practice. Very joyful and meaningful. I was really supported by your kindness, your deep peace and your ability to follow my rhythm, allowing me to respect my timing in every step.”  ~Virginie