Design Vision, a Process with Purpose, Integrity and Impact.

Ushadesign’s design process is structured and thorough, and it focuses on research, collaboration, and evaluation. I start by mindfully connecting to you and your brand’s uniqueness and I create a plan of action and visual strategies. I also place a strong emphasis on ethical and aesthetic values, and I strive to create a design vision that has emotional impact. It’s important to me to have a clear process in place to ensure I meet your needs and I always seek out opportunities to assess my work and gather insights from my clients and audiences. 










/ Research /

This is always my first step, one I take pride in. Based on your brief, I proceed in accordance with your needs and budget. From simple benchmarking and defining your position – and that of your competitors – to more complex research with my network of branding partners if needed. I believe good design begins with an understanding of your uniqueness, which lays the ground for a solid design process.

/ Define /

With a Design Thinking approach I create a plan of action and visual strategies we can eventually explore together. At this stage, collaboration with you is essential, and I consider you part of my work team. This is where we create a balance between research, your needs and ethical and aesthetic values.

/ Design /

Here I shape and bring forth the ideas and concepts previously explored together. I research unusual visual solutions, typographic details and unexpected materials that make the communication process more distinctive. Relying on some simple keywords for the design approach: abstraction, simplicity, emotional impact, consistency, target oriented and ethics.

/ Evaluate /

Constructive feedback is essential for growth. I always look forward to assessing my work with my clients after completion and launching. Feedback from your customers or audiences is also important data I like to discuss, either through a follow up call or a meeting.

Some amazing clients

Eventually everything connects: people, ideas, objects.

The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.

-Charles Eames