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Based in Milan and founded in 2001 by Camille Barrios, ushadesign is the reflection of her creative passion, international background and energy that flows into her everyday work.

With more than 25 years of corporate identity experience, 12 years in the publishing industry, and diverse personal development and embodied movement studies (www.camillebarrios.com), she can now weave together her experiences gained in all of these areas to offer a very unique approach to design, consultancy and brand coaching.


I very much look forward to working with you. Whether its for a new project, an existing one, an idea, your professional identity or anything that needs to come into the light. Let’s connect and see what we can create together.

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What lights me up? Ideas!

Being a witness to the unfolding of your creative project is an infinite source of expansion and creativity for me. I thrive in that space of germination, where the idea is still a seed requiring time to grow underneath the soil. Holding that emerging space that just needs to receive nourishment, rest and acknowledgement.

From this space of listening and receiving, from this yin place where everything is possible, a clear intention is set and movement arises causing this seed to grow and expand, towards the light. I accompany that movement, holding space for you to find your direction with gentle guidance, clearing away what doesn’t support the growth and finding unseen paths with creative thinking.


I bridge ideas, projects, people

and tending the garden of your vision is what I do.