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Empower your brand with stunning, strategic and mindful design

At Ushadesign, we strive to create work that is both visually striking and meaningful. We believe that good design begins with an understanding of your uniqueness, which lays the ground for a solid design process.

We use a Design Thinking approach to create a plan of action and visual strategies that we can explore together, and we place a strong emphasis on ethical and aesthetic values. We believe in creating designs that are distinctive and have emotional impact, and we rely on simple keywords for our design approach: abstraction, simplicity, emotional impact, consistency, target-oriented, and ethics.

Design that makes an impact and touches hearts

Based in Milan, Ushadesign was founded in 2001 by Camille Barrios, a designer with over 25 years of corporate identity experience and 15 years in the publishing industry. In addition to her creative expertise, Camille has also studied diverse personal development and embodied movement techniques which she now incorporates into her unique approach to design, consultancy and brand coaching.

With her international background and passion for creativity (fluent in three languages: English, Spanish, and Italian), Camille brings enthusiasm and skill to every project she works on. Whether you’re starting a new project, looking to revamp an existing one, or simply have an idea you’d like to bring to life, Camille is ready to help you connect and weave together your creative vision.

“Are you ready to elevate your brand to the next level? I believe in empowering your vision through ethical and visually striking design that aligns with your values and communicates your message effectively. I am dedicated to creating beautiful work with a deeper purpose.”

Building strong client relationships through exceptional design work

Explore some of the projects that have contributed to our clients’ success. From designing all the book covers and branding for many succesful italian publishers, to creating logos. From designing booklets to sell products and travel, to amazing corporate visual identities and websites.   

What lights me up? Ideas!

As the founder and main designer at Ushadesign, I am passionate about supporting others in bringing their ideas to life. I thrive in the space of germination where an idea is still a seed requiring time to grow underneath the soil. I hold that emerging space that needs to receive nourishment, rest, and acknowledgement, and I provide gentle guidance as you find your direction. I am always open to exploring new ideas and approaches.


I have a deep love for typography, colors, and harmony, and this love comes from my family of venezuelan artists – painters, architects, poets, dancers. I believe that design is a powerful tool for communication and self-expression, and I strive to create work that is both visually striking and meaningful.


I am here to help you bring your vision to life with purposeful, mindful design. I bridge ideas, projects, people and tending the garden of your vision is what I do.

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