Book covers with a strong market oriented impact

Garzanti first approached ushadesign in 2004 to design a fiction book cover.  The result has been an ongoing collaboration, with over 300 book covers, the rebranding and redesign of a new bestseller book series, numerous promotional collaterals, brochures and advertising materials.

The results of our efforts have been significant, the majority of the books have become bestselling favorites, and the overall design modernization has helped Garzanti remain one of Italy’s leading publishers.

One area in which we have left our mark has been the bestsellers women’s fiction, creating a very unique (and imitated) style in the italian publishing industry. It all started with Il profumo delle foglie di limoni by Clara Sanchez in 2010.

The “Garzanti woman” has very distinctive qualities, from the lighting to the characters.  In collaboration with editor Elisabetta Migliavada we selected strong, romantic and relatable faces for the book covers. Many times the book cover work has been compared to as a “casting” in which the eyes and facial expression played a very important part. The photoshop work as well has been fundamental, placing these heroines in an emotional, warm and timeless setting. Evocative, nostalgic, delicate, are some of the words used by readers to describe the covers.

Even though we are not at the moment following all their titles, Ushadesign has since then created a solid and consistent style that has been used widely by the publisher’s creative collaborators.