Movement Medicine Association

A Rebranding of the logo, website and payoff. Dreaming. Moving. Connecting.

Together we grow.

A Rebranding work done for the Movement Medicine Association where all the teachers and facilitators are and post their events. The logo was done using the Movement Medicine Mandala, applying just some minor colour changes. The payoff was created and chosen within the community. Then the logo guidelines was created as well as the new website for the Association, following the bones and structure of an existing one, but adding a strong visual impact and adding some very useful items.

This was pro bono work as I am part of this community and during lockdown we really needed to give our online offerings and presence a big boost. Much of the practical content work was also done with other members of the community and this being a large group, communication and information was essential to move forward with this project so a lot of extra skills were needed for this project. Amazing to feel that this project was also a seed for a bigger Movement Medicine School rebranding.

Here is a member’s testimonial:

“Thanks for this work you are doing, and for carrying us along with you as you develop the themes related to MMA branding.

I feel you bringing your professional knowledge and personal dedication in service of the MMA. When I take time to see and appreciate what you are doing, I understand more clearly that the public face of our professional organisation is crucial to the growth and development of us as an independent professional body, so that we may prosper as individual MM teachers and facilitators, AND maximise the presence of this valuable contribution in a changing world.”