Publisher rebrand from logo to book covers

Vallardi is a division of the Italian publishing group GeMS – Gruppo Mauri Spagnol. With a tradition of more than 250 years, it has transformed itself into a non-fiction publisher covering a wide range of subjects, from language to travel, from cookbooks to self-help. Camille Barrios and partner Domitilla Biondi were asked to work closely with the client to restyle and reinvigorate their identity.

After an initial re-branding study, we updated the logo as well as standardized their name (They were known to the public under two similar names). We preserved their distinctive colour and the use of a serif typeface, but added a modern twist to the lettering and form. The focus of the logo application on the book covers and spine was based on two different client needs: Strong visibility on the shelf and the need to create a unified and consistent look in the bookstores, because of the variety of graphic styles ranging from the more classic to the more fresh and modern style book covers.

We also developed a uniform design style guide for company-wide implementation, as well as the overall restyling of the catalogs, digital presence, image coordinates, book covers and interior book page design for their main three publishing areas.

To maintain a strong coherent image, we followed closely the book covers of all their titles, Art Directing internal and external resources, as well as designing new covers for the first three years. A complete and extraordinary publisher rebrand.