Pause. Breathe. Dance. Repeat.

Pause. Breathe. Design. Repeat.

As part of my own personal wellness and empowerment journey, I studied an embodied dance practice called Movement Medicine that I now teach. I had a lot of fun creating my personal brand with lots of design materials that would include, payoff, instagram feeds, facebook page and group content, videos, postcards, event invite design, website, postcards, etc.

A lot of experimenting went into this part of the design work: What is really needed in a personal brand journey? This all was tested and refined first hand. Now I have grown into my second rebranding which you can see here, and I am sure that this is just the beginning.

My design and visibility in this niche also inspired a lot of beautiful rebranding of teachers and colleagues in the italian Conscious Dance community. Amazing to feel like a pathfinder that creates change.